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iTools 4 – Complete Solution for iPhone, iPad, iPod Management

iTools iOS 9

iTools is the favorite of many when come to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Managment supporting all respective iOS versions. With the upgrade to iTools 4 now, it promises better support for all the features bringing best data migration, application handling, backups/restores, file management and all. And for the best part, it now adds support for the latest iOS 11 which came in targeting the 64-bit devices including latest iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus. So let us now take a look what highlights in the new upgrade of iTools 4.

iTools 4

What is with iTools 4?

With every upgrade to iTools, we get something new and useful. So the version 4.0 will definitely be a fundamental upgrade to keep all-in-one management of iOS under fine control.

As you already know, iTools comes in the place of iTunes which Apple’s official solution for the iOS management. In fact, in many of the features, iTools look same to iTunes but with less complexity. Simply, the need of iTools Download comes when you meet several troubles in iTunes. Although they share similarities, iTools prioritizes the satisfaction, supportiveness to the user just as much as on the work frame improvements. So everything you need to manage on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is completely offered here through an improved pack of features. And for the notable fact, all of them are free and extremely supportive for all the users also ensuring the 100% productivity.

iTools 4 Features

iTools 4

  • Super Backups and Restores

As repeatedly stated, iTools offers similar features like iTunes but with less complexity. So you can now backup and restore anything in a super speed just with a click on the option.

  • iTools AirPlay

With iTools AirPlayer, you can watch videos, play games, view Photos, edit documents, browse the web and do so much more through the Windows or Mac PC help. And for the interesting feature, you can also share your screen experience with others easily than before.

  • Battery Management Feature

With iTools Free, you can manage your device’s battery easily. It will offer you a report of Battery health including charging percentage, charging cycles, Boot voltage, Design capacity, Temperature of the battery, Actual capacity, Current voltage and more. So it gives the best support to keep your battery in good health.

  • Best File Manager

This is an exclusive feature with the iTools, where you can easily manage all of the files. You can position them properly, name them accordingly, edit or move and do all necessary updates.

  • The Fastest Data Migration

If you are switching to a new iPhone, this tool would bring the best use as it supports the fastest data transferring from iOS to iOS or even Android. In fact, it brings support for wide file types including images,  audio, video files, text documents, PDF files and etc.

  • Customization via iTools

iTools offers a host of customization features. Among them, the ringtone maker is one of the heart-winning that allows you to create your own ringtones and use it in your device. For more, there are features to changes wallpaper, screen display at the same time with complete desktop management feature.

iTools iOS 10.3.3

As you already aware, iTools 4 will run through Windows PC or Mac OS. And in the conclusion, I recommend the use of free iTools 4 Latest, which brings the best compatibility, device support, improved features and etc. So enjoy the all in one solution for iPhone, iPod and iPad Managment with upgraded iTools v4.0.

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