iTools 2018

Are you with plans to iTools 2018?

iTools iOS 9

Just like all the years previous, iTools is the best option every iPhone, iPad and iPod users believe in keeping all the iOS management. So we are now into the latest iTools 2018 in focusing all the highlighting features, work frame and more. It is the time to get with the best iOS management in this 2018 just like all years so far.

iTools 2018

When iTunes is coming as the Appleā€™s official way of all iOS management, some would wonder why the need of iTools download. Yes, truly it is the need of simplicity when iTunes meet with several complications at some point of operations. So the first advantage of iTools Download is its free availability and all support throughout the processing. And with time, it adds more features and functions in addressing the requirement of the user. So in that concern, iTools has so much to inspire the user. Then why you wait?

iTools 2018 Features to manage iOS 11

iTools wins more attention of the user with all its upgraded features. So it is now time to look at its highlighting features that come collected to make an overall success off iOS management.

  • Data migrate- migrating data is one of the useful features if you have a plan of changing the device. So iTools makes that true by bringing you a safe data migrating feature

  • Backup and restore- in most of the time, you meet the requirement of backup and also the restore. So with iTools that become easier and it going to restore faster in anytime you prefer

  • iTools Airplayer- if you are a big fan of the screen, this is a must know feature. Through this you can watch movies, play video games and do more fun in the big screen. At the same time, you can share screen with iTools Airplayer

  • Battery master- taking a good management at the battery status is one of the essential in order to keep good iOS management. So use this special feature and take a closer look at the SN value, actual capacity, temperature and all the other status of the battery

  • Ringtone maker- this is a nice feature you will love to have for customization. Through this, you can put your own voice clips, music as the original ringtone of your device

  • Icon rearranger- if you need more organized icons in your iOS, you can make that true by iTools icon arranging feature

  • File management- one of the essential things for proper iOS management is file management. So this is a useful feature helps you keeping all files well arranged

  • Image tool- from this feature you can preview any image in its original resolution. And at the same time, there are more options to advanced editing, arranging images and more similar

Install iTools iOS 11

iTools iOS 10.3.3Just like always, iTools here bringing the best management to all iOS 11 firmware now signs. With iTools 2018, you have all the required features in the upgraded form to keep you away from the iTunes complications. So start iTools Windows or Mac. And I hope you have gained so much knowledge about iTools 2018 to keep everything on iPhone, iPad and iPod under proper management.

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