iTools iOS 9.1

iTools iOS 9.1

As you know that tool of iTools helps to manage the idevice which is like iTunes. Also iTools supports you in order to upload as well as download multimedia (photos or videos or music) from the idevice and PC easily. Therefore you will have a wonderful experience to manage files, applications, music, photos, and also video. Furthermore iTools helps to transfer many types of files among idevice and PC. Currently iTools iOS 9.1 is available as version 3.0 to download for free and it provisions for all sequences of iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Therefore iTools iOS 9.1 is much cooler than the iTunes.


Before install iTools iOS 9.1, there is an introduction in this article for you and it may help you to get to know some idea about iTools iOS 9.1. In order to run this iTools you should connect your idevice to your PC and once connect idevice with PC you able to manage the contact of it.

There are some special feature that can see with iTools iOS 9.1.

Migrate of Data

Using iTools iOS 9.1 you can migrate data among idevice and the PC that properly mentioned. There is nothing here just open the iTools iOS 9.1 on the PC and find the option “Data Migrate” then connect with the idevice and migrate data.

Battery Master

Another feature of which provide from iTools iOS 9.1 is offering dashboard for your idevice battery and here there are some details for battery health. As well as it provides records for charge of battery, voltage of boot, battery serial number, etc.

Maker of Ringtone

As your selection you are the person who can select ringtone for your idevice which can simply make ringtones as your choice. For that just open “Ringtone Maker” then select either “Select Local Music” or “Select Device Music” in tool box. After that you can select one of them as your ringtone and import ringtones that you selected by using iTools.

Super Backup with iTools

There is a tool that called as “Super backup” which can see in toolbox and click on it and open the iTools 3.0. Then you can find some of about idevice and information then go to the next. When the scan is completed, select things what you need to backup.

The File Explorer

This is also a benefit from iTools, you are able to see your file systems of your idevices by using the File Explorer and any other information.

iTools Provides Super Restore

After connect the idevice with your PC, open “iTools iOS 9.1” and find the tool that called as “Super Restore” which can see in toolbox and click on it. Then you can find some of about idevice and information then go to the next. Then select things what you want to restore and click on next in order to finish restoration.

Fast Optimization

From the iTools iOS 9.1 you are able to optimize your idevice. Therefore there is nothing to worry about facing to slow your idevice. As well as the fast optimization will be allowed to clean disk space and caches.

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